Allergy & Skin Hypersensitivities

Allergy & Skin Hypersensitivities

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Viracor Eurofins has a rich history of over 27 years of proven leadership in allergy and immunology research and clinical diagnostic testing. Translating the latest scientific research in allergy and immunology into clinically meaningful diagnostic tests has enabled us to help thousands of clinicians diagnose and treat patients suffering from allergic diseases and hypersensitivity disorders.

Allergic Diseases

Today, Viracor Eurofins offers among the broadest and most innovative immune-diagnostic testing menus available from a single provider. Our comprehensive allergy menu contains tests for over 1,800 standard and esoteric allergens, performed by ImmunoCAP® and radioimmunoassay methods. Viracor Eurofins supports clinicians across the country by providing customized panels and panels composed of regional allergens based on geographical location.

Viracor Eurofins offers many additional novel assays to identify the cause of conditions allergists are often asked to evaluate, including adverse drug reactions, asthma, and inflammatory skin diseases. Our extensive menu of drug allergy testing evaluates both immediate and delayed adverse drug reactions. We also provide diagnostics to assess triggers for acute and chronic asthma.

Skin Hypersensitivities

Viracor Eurofins is a leader in testing for inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and chronic urticaria. Viracor Eurofins was the first laboratory in the country to offer a test for the diagnosis of chronic autoimmune urticaria, the CU IndexTM. The CU Index is a basophil histamine release assay considered by experts to be the gold standard for diagnosis of autoimmune chronic urticaria. Our unique assay helps clinicians identify patients with an autoimmune basis for their disease. Patients with autoimmune chronic urticaria may benefit from drug therapies that modulate basic immunological aspects of this challenging disorder.

Atopic dermatitis, an increasingly common inflammatory skin disease, is a result of both cellular and antibody-mediated immune responses. Viracor Eurofins performs tests that identify the factors that play a role in disease etiology, including genetic, environmental, microbial, and autoimmune causes. Results from these tests help clinicians direct and monitor treatment for patients suffering with atopic dermatitis.

Classification Test # of Allergens
Triggers                        Drugs     BasoFunction 29
IgE 17
T cell Rx© 8


Dust/Mites 34
Molds 167
Occupational 68
Smuts 7
Latex 4
Insects 39
Parasites 7
 Foods          Fish 110
Crustaceans/Mollusks 36
Nuts/Seeds 88
Dairy/Eggs 68
Herbs/Spices 101
Fruits/Vegtables 230
Lentils/Legumes 39
Meats 27
Gums 13
Seasonal    Weeds 90
Trees 154
Grasses 69
Biomarkers      Eosinophil Cationic Protein
Eosinophil Derived Neurotoxin 
Skin Hypersensitivities                   Chronic Urticaria              CU Index™
Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase IgG
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Anti-Thyroglobulin IgG
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Matrix metallopeptidase 9
Atopic Dermatitis             Microbial    Malassezia IgE
Candida albicans IgE
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A IgE 
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B IgE
Autoimmunity  Anti-IgE
Manganese Superoxide Dismutase IgE
Food      Milk Cow IgE
Egg White IgE
Wheat IgE
Soybean IgE
Peanut IgE
Codfish/Scrod IgE


To learn more about the specific tests we offer, search under the Allergy specialty in the Test Menu.