Life at Viracor Eurofins

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Our Business

Viracor Eurofins is a unique combination of a clinical laboratory and a research & development laboratory. We develop the majority of our assays in-house within our R&D lab and provide testing services to thousands of clinicians within our clinical lab. This structure enables us to maintain a high level of quality and remain nimble in response to an ever-changing marketplace. Our product lines include:

  • Immunological assays
  • Infectious disease assays
  • Allergy assays

Our product lines span multiple clinical markets within the community and within hospitals, such as transplantation, critical care, primary immune deficiency, hepatitis and HIV, molecular infectious disease, routine allergy testing, skin disorders, and pulmonology. In addition, we leverage our scientific expertise to provide biopharmaceutical companies a broad range of tests to support exploratory testing. We have successfully supported all stages of analysis from discovery through phase IV clinical trials.

It's a multifaceted business model and a complex, ever-changing healthcare market that we serve. Our emphasis on continual scientific innovation paired with our commitment to providing unprecedented customer service, has given rise to a history of proven leadership within our specialties.

Our Company

The work we do greatly impacts lives and our associates take this responsibility very seriously, whether they are running patient samples, researching new assays to develop, or are part of our functional teams. Company-wide communication is an integral aspect of our operations. Once a month, executives hold an all associate meeting to update the company of the week's business activities, goals, and performance. Sharing of ideas, creative problem solving, and continuing education are equally important. Journal club, guest lecturers, and brainstorming committees are just a few examples. In short, our open-door policy and relaxed communication style makes Viracor Eurofins the place to let your creative juices flow and your voice be heard. 

Our Core Values

Our work makes a difference in people's lives. We go above and beyond to ensure each patient receives accurate and timely results. We put the needs of our clients and patients first.

  • To be RESPONSIVE to the needs of patients and clients
  • To perpetuate a culture of QUALITY and EXCELLENCE
  • To foster INNOVATION in our science and service
  • To be PERSISTENT in the pursuit of our goals
  • To demonstrate INTEGRITY in all our actions