Bioanalytics & Biomarkers

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As biotherapeutic development transitions from lead identification to product launch, Viracor-IBT provides biomarker and bioanalytic services parallel to our clients' needs. Our comprehensive services distinguish Viracor-IBT and facilitate the continuity of support to increase efficiency in the development process.

Viracor Eurofins BioPharma Services is able to asess the following for biologics:

Large Molecule Pharmacokinetics (PK)


Large Molecule Pharmacodynamics (PD) 



  • Screening and confirmation of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs)
  • Neutralizing antibody (Nab) assays
  • Specializing in the detection of anti-drug IgE antibodies  

Mechanism of Action (MOA)

  • Cell based, in vitro assays 


  • Numerous validated assays for single and multiplex analysis of cytokines and chemokines
  • High throughput capacity for transfer of a biomarker test for pre-clinical trials, clinical trials, and post-marketing monitoring