Case Study

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Area(s) of Expertise: Immune Monitoring

Service(s): Vaccine Induced Immune Response

Platform(s): ELISpot

Client's Need: Develop assay to evaluate cell mediated immune responses to the HA antigens of trivalent influenza vaccine administered to healthy adults in a Phase I clinical trial.


Viracor Eurofins Solution:

  • Proposed performing IFN-γ ELISpot assay using various flu peptides and lysates
  • Designed and optimized ELISpot assay for cell number per well, concentration of antigens and whether to culture cryopreserved cells overnight before use in assay.
  • Established criteria to determine vaccine induced responders

Viracor Eurofins Results:

  • Clinical trial samples from 20 subjects at three time points per subject were tested
  • Reduced assay variability by grouping subjects' time points on the same plate
  • It was determined the client's vaccine induced a T-cell response in sufficient number of patients to warrant progression to Phase II