Laboratory Link

Laboratory Link

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For Interface Technical Support call 1-800-305-5198

Get Connected to Rapid Results 

Viracor Eurofins' Laboratory Link provides our clients the benefits of seamless integration through interface with a clients laboratory information system (LIS), electronic medical record (EMR), or practice/patient management system(PMS).

A Laboratory Link interface will automate your ordering and simplify the send-out test process. Instantaneous results enable better patient care by providing our clients with immediate access to results. Bypassing the data entry process streamlines your laboratory operations and enables your institution to fully experience Viracor Eurofins' rapid turnaround time. Interfacing also eliminates the chance of error in ordering tests and manually transcribing results.

Fast Implementation & Continuous Monitoring

Viracor Eurofins has successfully implemented bi-directional HL-7 interfaces with several major LIS vendors in our nation's most prestigious academic medical centers. This experience translates into an efficient and straightforward implementation for your institution. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step of the process. Once your interface goes live, Viracor Eurofins ensures that the interface is working properly by proactively monitoring the interface with specialized tools that allow for quick issue identification and resolution, as well as 24-hour alerts.

Dedicated Support Team

We are excited to get your interface up and running so you can begin reaping the benefits. That's why we have an IT team dedicated to your interface implementation. Working in conjunction with your account representative, we'll guide you through the entire process. This same team will help you manage updates, resolve issues, and answer questions after go-live.

For technical support, call 1-800-305-5198 and ask for interface technical support.
To inquire about Laboratory Link interfaces, please contact your account representative or contact us.

Interface Catalog

To receive an Interface Catalog containing all test codes, please contact us or call 1-800-305-5198 and ask for interface technical support.