Reasons for Rejection/Test Not Performed

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Viracor Eurofins is committed to proactively collaborating with our clients to prevent specimen rejections. We regularly monitor the quantity, frequency and cause of rejections on a client-by-client basis to identify trends and areas of potential improvement.  If Viracor Eurofins is unable to perform the test, your result will indicate “Test Not Performed” (TNP) or “Reject” with one of the following reasons:

  • Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS) – Viracor Eurofins does not have enough sample to process the test
  • Test Not Performed (TNP) – The assay is currently not available or Viracor Eurofins is unable to perform the test based on the particular specimen type that was submitted for testing
  • Sample stability has been exceeded

o    e.g. CMV plasma - ambient specimen(s) received greater than 96 hours from time of collection
o    e.g. ImmuKnow® specimen(s) received greater than 30 hours

  • Specimen integrity has been compromised

o    Specimen transported at incorrect temperature - e.g. Frozen requirement not met
o    Incorrect specimen type received
o    Leaked specimen
o    Hemolyzed specimen
o    Clotted specimen

Top Ten Reasons for Rejection of Laboratory Specimens

10. Improper preservative/anticoagulant
 9.  No specimen received for test requested
 8.  No Test Requisition Form (TRF) received, or test not ordered
 7.  Clotted specimen
 6.  Improper specimen type for test
 5.  Leaking container
 4.  Specimen transported at incorrect temperature
 3.  Delay in transport (received outside of stability limits)
 2.  Hemolysis
And the #1 reason for rejected specimens - QNS
1.    Insufficient specimen volume received to perform testing