Test With Ease

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Testing Services That Prioritize Your Needs

We don’t expect our clients’ laboratory needs to be identical, so we have created flexible processes that prioritize your unique needs. We have eliminated time-consuming and costly steps to make sending tests to Viracor Eurofins easy for your laboratory. If you have special testing requests, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • Specimen processing Monday through Saturday
  • Saturday results for most infectious disease assays
  • Ability to run multiple tests on one specimen to avoid multiple draws
  • Ability to add-on tests for up to 30 days after initial testing (provided adequate specimen remains and correct specimen storage conditions have been met for add-on test)
  • Minimal specimen volume accepted from pediatric patients 
  • Wide variety of specimen types accepted
  • Shipping supplies provided and auto-shipped for qualifying accounts
  • Prepaid shipping for qualifying accounts
  • Shipping of specimens tracked by Viracor Eurofins Client Services Department
  • Customized connectivity solutions