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With over 30 years of specialized testing expertise, Viracor Eurofins is committed to helping transplant professionals solve challenging problems. Viracor Eurofins' serology and HLA laboratories (formerly operated by the National Institute of Transplantation) have become centers of exciting discovery for the science and practice of organ transplantation, providing innovative services that greatly contribute to organ transplant clinical practice and patients' quality of life. Viracor Eurofins also provides post-transplant testing services to approximately 60% of U.S. transplant programs. We're passionate about delivering timely, actionable information, never losing sight of the patients served. 

Viracor Eurofins was one of the first laboratories in the United States dedicated to serving the distinctive needs of transplant patients. Our specialized menu of molecular viral and bacterial testing, in addition to fungal screening and immunology assays, offers the clinician essential laboratory diagnostics useful for patient assessment throughout the transplant process.

We know that accelerated, clinically meaningful results are critical to transplant patient outcomes. This is why we offer some of the fastest turnaround times available for serology/donor screening and quantitative PCR testing of many critical pathogens which affect the transplant population, including CMV qPCR, BKV qPCR, HHV6 qPCR and EBV qPCR. Our pre-transplant testing provides a STAT turnaround time of 6-8 hours. Our quantitative PCR tests are resulted the same day we receive the specimen, and CMV antiviral resistance is resulted in 2 to 3 days compared with an approximate industry average of 14 to 21 days. Our unsurpassed delivery of diagnostic lab results coupled with excellence in customer service and science are why many of our nation's OPOs, tissue & eye banks, academic medical centers and transplant hospitals have partnered with Viracor to meet their critical transplant program testing needs.