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What are the benefits of using Viracor for your CMV testing needs?

  • Industry leading turnaround time for all of our CMV Assays

  • Constant assay refinement with the use of dual targets, multiple probes and mutation surveillance means you know your patient will be evaluated using the most up-to-date and accurate testing

  • Ability to send all of your CMV testing to one lab – offering 3 unique assays in one location to assist with the CMV continuum of care for your immunocompromised patients:
    • PCR viral load for adults and neonates
    • Drug Resistance, including the newest FDA-approved drug, Prevymis™ (letermovir)
    • T Cell Immunity, which uniquely evaluates CD4 and CD8 T cells

  • Multiple specimen types accepted for ease of collection

Watch how Viracor's CMV T Cell Immunity Panel Helps A Post-Transplant CMV Treatment Plan

Understand how your patient's immune system is responding to CMV medication.

Optimizing CMV Outcomes

Viracor can make it easier for healthcare providers to manage CMV patients with testing options spanning the continuum of care.

Baseline & Monitor Viral Load

Quantitative CMV PCR can be used for early detection of reactivation, primary infection and monitoring response to treatment.

Dual gene targets and multiple probes increases the assay’s ability to pick up polymorphisms, therefore reducing the chance for false negatives and detecting other strains that could otherwise be missed.

Confirm Antiviral Resistance

Patient outcomes depend on effective prophylaxis and treatment with antiviral therapies, including ganciclovir, valganciclovir, foscarnet, cidofovir and letermovir. 

Laboratory testing should be used to confirm drug resistance, as treatment modification based solely on clinical suspicion may result in added toxicity and increased complexity in patient management.

Establish Immunity

The CMV T Cell Immunity Panel measures the strength of T cell responses to CMV-specific antigens and reports the activity of CD4 and CD8 T cell responses independently. 

Evaluating immunocompromised patients’ CMV-specific T cell response will help healthcare providers decide when to take patients off of antiviral medication during critical stages in treatment.

CMV T Cell Webinar Mini-Series

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more information on dates and speakers.

BMC Infectious Diseases


Clinical experience with a novel assay measuring cytomegalovirus (CMV)-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell immunity by flow cytometry and intracellular cytokine staining to predict clinically significant CMV events

Viracor's CMV Testing for Transplant & Immunocompromised Patients


  Test Name Test Code Turnaround Time & Test Details
Viral Load
CMV Real-time Quantitative PCR


  • Same day (within 8-12 hours from receipt of specimen)
  • Most specimen types offer quantitative results
  • Over 19 specimen types
CMV Saliva Real-time PCR


  • Same day (within 8-12 hours from receipt of specimen)
  • Saliva samples are simple, noninvasive, and easy to collect for congenital CMV detection
  • Sample collection within 21 days after baby is born to confirm diagnosis


CMV Resistance: Letermovir, Ganciclovir, Foscarnet, Cidofovir


  • Within 2-4 days of receipt of specimen (often reported in just 2.5 days)
  • Plasma specimen type
  • DNA viral load must be above 1000 uL/mL to run—one of the lowest minimum viral loads in the industry

CMV Resistance: Ganciclovir, Foscarnet, Cidofovir


CMV Resistance: Letermovir


Immunity CMV T Cell Immunity Panel 30360
  • 2-3 days from receipt of specimen
  • Whole Blood in sodium heparin
  • Live Cell tests have special collection and shipping requirements


Learn how we can help your hospital or lab streamline your CMV sample collection, turnaround time and testing results.

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