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Solid Organ Transplant Testing

When your solid organ transplant (SOT) patients face complications, you need accurate and rapid results to minimize infection and graft failure.  Depend on Viracor Eurofins for the highest quality testing delivered through exceptional service with unequaled turnaround times.  

  • Monitor rejection, infection, immune system function, and triazole antifungal drug levels in advance of clinical symptoms provides the optimal opportunity for successful intervention which will prevent transplant rejection and treatment

  • Comprehensive span of specimen types for many of our infectious disease assays including but not limited to, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, lung tissue, bone marrow aspirate, throat specimens and fecal specimens, among other fluids and tissues

  • Get results faster, when it matters most. A majority of your SOT results are reported same day (within 8-12 hours) of receiving specimen



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