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Viracor’s Dr. Michelle Altrich Featured in USA Today, Transplant Issue

December 29, 2017 – Michelle Altrich, PhD, HCLD (ABB), Chief Scientific Officer and Clinical Laboratory Director of Viracor Eurofins, recently shared her expertise and insight on how diagnostic tests can help physicians diagnose and treat post-transplant infections, helping improve patient outcomes.  Viracor was pleased to participate in this transplant special edition that provides helpful information to patients and physicians.  Transplant patients – you can learn more about the important role of diagnostic tests by reading the article within the attached PDF and by talking with your physician. While patients cannot directly order tests from Viracor at this time, we are happy to speak with your care team if they have questions about our testing, or are interested in ordering.  Transplant clinicians – if you are interested in learning more about how Viracor’s testing can help please contact us at 800-305-5198 or You can also read more about the tests Viracor offers on our test menu.

Viracor's Feature in USA Today, Transplant Issue

Results In Time To Make A Difference

We know that accelerated, clinically meaningful results are critical to transplant patient outcomes. This is why we’re committed to bringing you fast, accurate results that can help you counter infections and minimize graft failure:

  • Same day results (within 8-12 hours of specimen receipt) for fungal, therapeutic anti-fungal drug monitoring assays and quantitative PCR tests for critical pathogens such as CMV, BKV, HHV-6, among others

  • Results in two to three days for CMV antiviral resistance
Results in Time to Make a Difference

We are so honored to be a part of Viracor-Eurofins 30th anniversary celebration. Gift of Life began educating students about the power of organ, eye and tissue donation 20 years ago, with our mission eventually growing to include providing support and encouragement to transplant patients, their families and living donors. Viracor has been right there with us…not only through the life-saving work they do every day as a company, but also through their employees’ sharing of personal time and resources in support of our work in the transplant community. We are so proud to have Viracor as our partner as we offer hope to families embarking on their transplant journey, provide a place for families facing loss to honor a loved one, and inspire students to make a choice that may one day save a life.

Diane Mayer Azorsky, Executive Director Gift of Life

Experience and Service You Can Trust

Viracor Eurofins was one of the first laboratories in the U.S. dedicated to serving the distinctive needs of transplant patients.

As a specialty lab partnering with approximately 60% of U.S. transplant programs, Viracor understands the complex diagnostic challenges that can occur, and your related testing needs post-transplantation.

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