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Exploring the application of comprehensive genomic profiling in oncology therapy development.

Eurofins Viracor invites you to add the upcoming event to your calendar. This informative webinar; featuring Karina Eterovic, PhD, R&D Director of Oncology Diagnostics at Eurofins Viracor, entitled: Exploring the application of comprehensive genomic profiling in oncology therapy development.

When:  Thursday, November 19th, 2020     10:00 [EDT] 07:00 [PDT] 15:00 [BST]

Join us as the upcoming World Vaccine Congress, the premier digital vaccine event, and visit our virtual exhibit booth, September 30-October 1st.

You also won’t want to miss this presentation at the upcoming World Vaccine Congress (digital event):

Optimizing Flow Cytometry Quantitation of Rare-Cell Populations and Its Application In Immunotherapy

Eurofins Viracor invites you to add the upcoming event to your calendar. This informative webinar, featuring our flow cytometry expert, Dr. Brian Maybruck, will focus on the use of Flow Cytometry for rare cell quantitation, and its application in drug development.

Don't worry if you missed it, you can watch it on-demand by clicking below

World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Conference

Watch Dr. Steve Kleiboeker’s presentation from the 3rd World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress in San Francisco, CA December 3rd, 2019

Multiparamter flow cytometry applications and future outlook

Flow cytometry is a very powerful and reliable alternative to many other methods used for clinical drug development. Consider that it can simultaneously measure multiple parameters on tens of thousands of cells, with a resolution down to a single cell level, robustly and rapidly (greater than 1000 samples per day). 

Bioanalysis ZONE Podcast

Click here to check out the Bioanalysis ZONE podcast on T-cell immunity monitoring and assay development, featuring Steven Kleiboeker, PhD, our VP of Research & Development at Viracor Eurofins BioPharma Services.

Immunogenicity Assay Development, Validation & Transfer in a Vaccine Candidate Clinical Trial

A large global pharmaceutical company, with a promising new vaccine candidate, partnered with Viracor Eurofins to perform immunogenicity testing as part of their clinical trial development. Several specific areas of expertise were called upon to enable the Viracor team to deliver multiple precise, robust and sensitive assays to meet the sponsor's needs.

Eurofins BioPharma News - October 2019

Check out the latest BioPharma Services newsletter from the Eurofins Group to learn about new services and analytical techniques, research projects, major events and other related topics.

Clinical Development Testing Services Info Sheet for Cell & Gene Therapy

Immunotherapies have emerged as some of the most promising approaches to treating cancer patients. Download the Info Sheet to see what assay development and testing services Viracor Eurofins offers for supporting clinical development of Cell & Gene therapy candidates.

Validation and Transfer of Biodistribution and Viral Shedding Assays In Development of An Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Candidate

Several new immunotherapy technologies, such as cancer vaccines, adoptive cell (CAR T-cell), and checkpoint inhibitor therapies, have emerged as promising approaches to treating cancer patients. Oncolytic virus therapies in particular, combine selective tumor cell killing and induction of anti-cancer immune reactions. Among the most significant safety and efficacy concerns in development of this new class of drugs are neutralization and clearance of virus particles. Check out this case study to learn about methods used to help characterize the biodistribution and transmissibility of an oncolytic virus candidate in a clinical trial.

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