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Infectious Disease Testing and Monitoring

Viracor has extensive experience performing pathogen load monitoring, antiviral resistance assessment, nucleic acid sequencing and other pathogen characterizations for clinical trials.

With a wide range of viral and bacterial targets, you have access to a comprehensive menu of real-time PCR and sequencing assays for pathogen detection and monitoring. Viracor’s multiple-target, dual gene assays, an approach we adopted early in the transition to molecular diagnostics, are designed to eliminate false negative results or under-quantification.


Vaccine Development

Vaccine immunogenicity assays are needed to assess the safety and efficacy of the candidate vaccine, by measuring humoral and cellular immune responses, in an effort to correlate with immunity.

At Viracor we develop and perform a variety of assays for characterizing the humoral and cellular immune response, as part of clinical studies for our clients and their vaccine candidates.

  • assays for the detection of one or more anti-drug antibodies (ADAs).
  • neutralizing antibody assays to characterize neutralizing activity of ADAs, due to their potential impact on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety, and efficacy
  • CD4/CD8 quantitation, B-cell response, cytokine release, and other activation assays
  • qPCR assays to detect and quantify the presence of the virus in subject samples, as well as discrimination assays to differentiate wild type virus from vaccine strains
vaccine development

Immunotherapy Development:

There are many complexities that make cell and gene therapy development challenging. It is crucial the new gene reaches the correct cell without causing an unintended immune response.

Adoptive Cell Therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy - Adoptive cell therapies like CAR-T involve collection of immune cells from a patient followed by ex vivo manipulation and/or expansion and reinfusion, and are the foundations of immuno-oncology today after showing success in the treatment of hematologic malignancies.

Viracor Offerings:

  • Platforms for immuno-oncology studies (MSD, Luminex, PCR, FC, ELISpot)
  • Customized, specific ligand binding assays
  • Detection/quantification of gene expressions performed by qPCR.
  • ELISPOT analysis is for the measurement of specific T- or B cell responses.
  • Flow cytometry for analysis of cellular targets including T cell activation

Oncolytic Virus (Cancer Vaccine):

Oncolytic viruses constitute a promising new therapeutic approach for treatment of cancer. These viruses selectively kill tumor cells without harming normal ones; with the added bonus of stimulating the patient’s immune response.

Viracor Offerings:

  • Because immunogenicity includes both adaptive and innate immune responses in oncolytic viral therapy, Viracor offers multiple assays for immunogenicity analysis including anti-drug antibodies (ADA), and neutralization antibody detection against the vector .
  • Viracor can also custom develop biodistribution and viral shedding assays by qPCR, for clinical trial studies; including quantitative analysis for outcome measures, These studies can be valuable for assessing the potential for transmission of virus/vaccine from infected/vaccinated subjects to unvaccinated/uninfected individuals.
  • RCR/RCL detection/quantification
  • Platforms for gene therapy studies (FC, PCR, ELISA, ELISpot)


Viracor was among the first commercial labs to offer specialized allergy and immunology testing options using ImmunoCAP® and allergen-specific IgE enzyme immunoassays as the primary testing modes. Using high throughput instrumentation with high antigen binding capacity and minimal non-specific binding with high total IgE, Viracor offers you an unparalleled selection of thousands of allergy tests. Viracor manufactures nearly 200 unique discs for allergens not otherwise commercially available, and has the ability to create custom allergy panels to assist your studies. Commonly performed assays include allergen-specific IgE, IgG and IgG4 testing, tryptase and Eosinophil Cationic Protein (ECP).

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