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VIDEO: Viracor Scientists Answer... "Why are healthcare providers ordering Nocardia PCR?"

We enlisted Viracor's Chief Scientific Officer and Clinical Laboratory Director, Michelle Altrich, PhD, HCLD, and the lead Nocardia Research and Development scientists to help answer how ruling out Nocardia, a less common but potentially deadly bacteria for immunocompromised patients, can help you treat faster.

Managing immunocompromised patients with complex infections like nocardiosis is critical for improving outcomes — but what price could your patients and hospital pay if culture remains the only testing option when determining a differential diagnosis?

“Colonies of Nocardia spp usually appear after 48 hours of incubation and a visible growth may take more than one week for some species." *  Identification of Nocardia species by PCR will allow for a more rapid turnaround time, enabling HCPs to confirm and treat for Nocardia rather than another bacterium.

When opportunistic infections play a major role in determining a differential diagnosis for your transplant patients, Viracor has testing solutions to help you rule out or confirm infections faster with same day results, 8-12 hours from receipt of specimen.

Sensitive and specific PCR testing for both common and esoteric infections—like pneumonia and nocardiosis—ensures you get the right answers, the patient gets the right treatment quicker and the hospital may lower length of stay costs.

Kandi V (August 15, 2015) Human Nocardia Infections: A Review of Pulmonary Nocardiosis. Cureus 7(8):e304. DOI 10.7759/cureus.304

When you do the math, the savings are undeniable.

Diagnose the right pathogen faster, when it matters most.

The risk of delaying the right diagnosis for an esoteric pulmonary infection due to lack of reliable, sensitive, specific and timely results has many potential outcomes. Whether it's multiplying hospital costs for the patient, or worse— resulting in a patient fatality—you want to make the right diagnosis as fast as possible.

*Average estimate on cost of stay per day based on Cleveland Clinic published patient pricing as of 2017.

PCR Testing Delivers a Differential Diagnosis that Can Lower Long Term Costs

Test for Opportunistic Infections: Identify and Treat Faster

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