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Syphilis Screening - Nontreponemal (RPR)

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Clinical Utility

The ASI RPR (rapid plasma reagin) Card Test for syphilis is a qualitative and semiquantitative nontreponemal flocculation test for the detection of reagin antibodies in human serum and plasma as a screening test for serological evidence of syphilis. This test is also intended for use in screening blood donors specimens for tissue donation when the test is read and interpreted with the ASiManager-AT. The ASI RPR Card Test for Syphilis is for professional use only.

About Syphilis

Treponema pallidum, the etiological agent of syphilis, induces the production of at least two types of antibodies in human infection: anti-treponemal antibodies that can be detected by FTA-ABS antigen1, and anti-nontreponemal antibodies (reagin) that can be detected by RPR antigen.2


The ASI RPR Card Test is an 8-minute macroscopic nontreponemal flocculation test to be used for the detection of reagin. The micro-particulate carbon RPR antigen enhances the visual discrimination between reactive and nonreactive results. The reagin-type antibody binds with the antigen that is composed of a complex of cardiolipin, lecithin and cholesterol particles with activated charcoal. The result of this antigen-antibody reaction is macroscopic flocculation. Test performed by VRL Eurofins,  6933 S. Revere Parkway, Centennial, CO 80112. This test has been cleared or approved for diagnostic use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. See package insert for more information. 

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